Upload Hotels


UploadHotels is a community-based website where users can submit a review to any hotels they have stayed at. If the hotel they have stayed at is currently not in the system, they can add a hotel. The user can also upload photos and videos to their review.


Since UploadHotels is a web app, throughout the development process we had to make sure that it works across multiple browsers, platforms and devices. We also had to make sure that videos recorded via various devices can be uploaded and streamed smoothly across all platforms.


UploadHotels allows all users to submit their experiences staying at different hotels, resulting in truthful and unbiased reviews. Due to the honesty aspect of all reviews, UploadHotels is becoming the number one used hotel-reviewing website. Users find other reviews to be coherent with their stay and would continue to use UploadHotels in the future to find accommodation.

"The direction is very nice indeed. I believe being a perfectionist is a great quality."

Jonathon Daniel Booking.com, Founder of UploadHotels

Upload Hotels

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