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Mars Spiders has established itself as a premier developer of custom-made mobile apps and websites. From its headquarters in Clerkenwell, London, the agency has developed a strong portfolio of UK clients, including HM Revenue & Customs and the British Library. Its work with Bureau Veritas introduced Mars Spiders to a global clientele, and in 2018 it established operations in Paris and Bordeaux. To support this new endeavor, the agency developed a new French-language website.


To accurately represent Mars Spiders, the new website demanded not just a translation of its existing material but a fundamental reconsideration of the way that material was presented. Along with different languages, Francophone and Anglophone cultures inherit different legacies of visual representation—different visual languages.

The web itself can be culturally inflected. For example, relative to the UK, more French web traffic flow to desktop browsers than to mobile ones, and more mobile devices run Android than iOS. These technical factors can subtly influence the organization and presentation of information.

While the new website would of course be consistent across browsers and platforms, Mars Spiders challenged itself to develop a website that honored France’s visual culture and technical culture alike.

Mars Spiders France


Mars Spiders’ agile, responsive development infrastructure allowed it to quickly develop a site whose every element, from its overall design to the nuances of its user-interaction scheme, reflected the agency’s commitment to deeply informed, intimately responsive, elegantly functional work.


The new website launched in September 2018 and almost immediately earned industry recognition, including a CSS Winner star and a nod from

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Mars Spiders France Mind Sparkle Mag site of the day Best CSS Site of the day award CSSDA Special Kudos Award Mars Spiders creating Mars Spiders France awarded by Star award on CSSWINNER
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