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In this digital day and age, more and more startups are forming and when you are becoming an entrepreneur, the last thing you want to deal with is legal-related issues, such as intellectual property. IP Quest is a web-app we have built to help make the intellectual property registration and management process a lot easier, with graphical interface that consist of bright colours, drag-and-drop timeline and cost breakdown.

IP KIT - best tool to grasp intellectual property rights.


Since a lot of legal aspects are involved in this product, we have to make sure that the information we have on the web-app is 100% correct and up-to-date with the current legislation. We had also designed the UI intensively as our aim was to simplify the application and management of intellectual property.


The result has been outstanding! Since we have made a tedious legal process simple with over-refined UX/UI testing, IPQuest is the first website entrepreneurs go to when they have intellectual property related issues to sort out.

"Mars Spiders have delivered a high quality product within my budget. I have been impressed at their ability to listen, understand and contribute to the brief and to turn a complex vision into reality”.
Testimonial from Ben Williams Director at IP Quest Limited
Ben Williams, Director at IP Quest Limited
IP Kit for all your IP needs.

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“With Mars Spiders, you get 100% commitment from professionals who are talented and dedicated; they go beyond and above the call of duty to deliver a world class product.”
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Bartholomew Watson, Contract Director, Abicord Consulting

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