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Infinite Style Possibilities

We will develop any app to fit your specific needs. The app will be designed for you or we build based on your designs. Mars Spiders have everything you need and more for your custom app. Check out our android app – shape match game for toddlers on Google play.

MS Wealth Management app

We have the right tools!

We have it all. Objective C for native iOS apps. Java for native Android apps. Phonegap for the iOS / Android apps in case you wish to use the same code base for both platforms, Node.js for server side applications and angular or backbone as the cherry on the top of the cake. Mongo DB and Nginx. With Mars Spiders you are in the safe technological hands.

Native or PhoneGap - customer choice

100% – Social Media Campaigns – Digital

Social Media – #1 platform for the Digital Campaigns. If planned and executed correctly, Social Media marketing can place your company on the map overnight. An important rule of thumb, is to be where your costumers are.

If your Social Media strategy is to be effective then you must approach each platform in a way that corresponds with the platform, meaning that you will need to understand the nuances of each platform and tailor your plan and content accordingly.

Mars Spiders are here to help you with the planning, execution and ongoing management of an effective Social Media strategy.

Strategy Campaigns Mars Spiders Content Creation

Without planning and approach, words are like pictures with no colour.

Our creative department works closely with clients to give the meaning behind the words. Without planning and structure a pitch can fall flat before its even reached the client, a landing page can send a user backwards or a poor website copy can damage a company’s reputation.

We at Mars Spiders are here to help you avoid typical but simple mistakes, meaning behind the words is like colour to a picture; it gives the piece life and reason. Ultimately and more importantly it gives the business a reputable value, reliability in words offers confidence to those looking to reach out and find secure partners to work with, or customers seeking a honest business to buy from.

Mars Spiders Copywriting Digital Content Creation and Management

London Anima for all your video needs

London Anima – part of Mars Spiders Group – a Video Production Company in London providing a range of award winning video production services in London.

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My First Animals – Native educational iOS app for children

The colours and styles are that of a scrapbook, different textures compiled with different colours created a palette that is easy on the eye. Creating moving graphics and utilising cards with animals on gave the application a concept, other options such as ‘discover animals’ allowed a learning curve that could be tested with another option of playing cards.

iWatch Mars Spiders educational app

Beautiful and Responsive

A design that gets noticed with clean, organized content at its core and a responsive structure adapting to any device. From a mobile device to a desktop computer your site will always look amazing.

MS Wealth Finance app

Beautiful Content – coding Revolution!

Featuring responsive and interactive sites supported by our own CMS system or CMS of your own choice. Sites and vanilla Apps scaling perfectly for any screen size – iPad, iPhone, Android – you name it! Engage your visitors and catch their attention.

Video site mobile first full bleed video site by Mars Spiders - design & development

“Mars Spiders' creativity knows no limits. They are very friendly and client-oriented.
It is a pleasure working with them.”
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